Witty’s Lagoon

05 Jun

We drove out to Witty’s Lagoon this morning, on a whim, and are we ever glad we did!  Two marine biology students were putting on an event for children (and adults!) and we got there just in time.  S and E were so excited to watch the students pull in the great big net.  Little fingers eagerly sifted through the seaweed to find all of the creatures hidden within.  Fearless fingers!!  None of those fingers were mine!! Crabs and bubble fish and too many wormy looking creatures to count were all writhing around in the net.  The children grabbed every last creature and put them into the buckets of water, to be examined.

Once put into buckets, the marine biologists explained what the creatures were and told us a little bit about them.  It was fascinating.I was positive there was a tarantula hiding under a piece of seaweed (and wouldn’t touch it.. but not to worry, a 5 year old child quickly snatched it up).  It turned out to be this delightful thing called a camoflauge crab.  Oooooh, it’s the creepiest crab I’ve ever seen!!And my son almost stepped on this big guy.  The crabs hide themselves in the sand while the tide is out.  We got to watch this one eat with its mouth moving back and forth, back and forth.Surprise!  Half of the beach is a nudist colony.  Didn’t know that.  Now we do.  Ooops.Little E proudly built her castles and basked in the heat.  It was a wonderful day.

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