Euro Hem

17 May

I was very excited to do my first european hem yesterday (last night actually…I stayed up until midnight completing 4 of them!).  I found a few different methods on the internet but went with the easiest and quickest and was amazed to discover just how easy and quick it was!! 

   First, I measured the inseam and decided what measurement I wanted.  The jeans were 34 and I wanted 32 so I needed to get rid of 2 inches.  I then cuffed the jean (see below) so that one inch was measured (not including the original hem).  One inch is half of the two inches I need to get rid of (because the pants are cuffed, see?).  I pinned, making sure the seams were lined up.  I then began to sew, directly underneath the original hem so that it is completely undetectable.  When finished, I ironed the seam and then uncuffed the pant to reveal the original hem.  Awesome.  Two inches shorter with the original hem (seriously, the only way to hem pants. You pay upward of $25 to get a tailor to do this) and no cutting.  Allows for error which is always a bonus for me!!

See?  You can’t even tell!!  Directly above that yellow thread in the above picture is a seam.  If you flipped the jean inside out you’d see the extra material.  I chose to leave it as it’s such a small amount.  I would imagine if you were doing a drastic hem you’d want to remove some excess material or it would feel heavy and bulky.  Success.  For a more comprehensive break down, visit this site.

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